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ShareSpot follows a simple philosophy, sharing benefits all.

ShareSpot enables businesses to release desk space, meeting rooms, and other commercial properties to likeminded businesses increasing the income for the host businesses/listee, whilst providing reduced costs and maximum flexibility to sharers. Purchase a commercial property, book a desk for short or long term, book a meeting room by the hour - or even some warehouse space. But we goe beyond that! We're creating a community that can share ideas, resources and sometimes even clients or business associates, all in favor of creating and establishing a large community, and a trend to encourage sharing office space! Share your property on sharespot

  • Graphic Design agency that shares desk space with the Recruitment company, jointly benefitting from client referrals
  • Mortgage advisors sharing with the Estate Agent Agents
  • IT Software Developers sharing desk space with a Digital Marketing Agency
  • The Car Hire company sharing desk space with the travel agency

We want to make the process simple and effortless. ShareSpot manages the whole process effortlessly from connecting hosts to sharers, arranging viewings or even virtual viewings, generates the flexible online paperwork to manage the booking and handles your payments - all in one simple online portal. Sharing should be simple - and we believe we have made it so.

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